Destiny Odyssey


Final Fantasy has been well known for basically creating the RPG genre itself and constantly providing innovation for the genre over the years. This has been good and bad, but overall a huge success. I’ve been a hardcore fan of the series, and just looking back at it, it’s some of my most memorable moments in gaming. I’m going to sum up 5 of my favorite moments in Final Fantasy. There’s going to be spoilers a plenty for the Final Fantasy series so if there’s a few of them you haven’t played and don’t want to be spoiled, you’ve been warned.

#5 – Final Fantasy VIII
My favorite moment in VIII is when Laguna approaches Julia in the Hotel to ask her out. He gets nervous and says “Leg cramp!” to try and get out of the situation. A pretty well loved scene showing off Laguna’s charm and Julia’s kind heart.

#4 – Final Fantasy IX
This one was tough to decide on because I have two very favorite moments. The one I’m going with is when Steiner and Beatrix team up to defend their homeland Alexandria from the horde of monsters from the mist. Something about the music, Protecting my devotion, that plays while you have to battle the beasts always stuck with me. My next favorite moment is when Alexander confronts Bahamut.

#3 – Final Fantasy IV
FFIV has many memorable moments, but I think the most memorable one is when Palom and Porom willingly turn themselves to stone to stop the walls from caving in after the battle with Cagnazzo. I was really touched by the event, as it showed great maturity with these characters when previously they had none.

#2 – Final Fantasy X
I’m sure I’m not the only one who was touched by the emotional story of FFX. The one scene in particular that I will never forget is when Tidus and Yuna had their special moment in Macalania woods for the first time. Something about the combination of music, graphics, and story just made that scene always the most beloved cutscene of all time.

#1 – Final Fantasy VII
This one’s a given. Everyone and their mother knows the moment I’m talking about… Oh yes, the famous Sephiroth killing Aerith scene. This was quite an unexpected event that caught everyone by surprise the first time you see it. At first you think it’s not permanent but sure enough, that party member you’ve been working so hard on is gone for good.

While there are many memorable scenes in the FF series, these stuck out the most. What are some of your most memorable events? There are a few I didn’t mention because I only picked one from each game. FFX has a ton and so does IX, FFX’s ending left quite an impression on me.


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