Grimoire Nier

A world where the mysterious epidemic “White Chlorination Syndrome” started to spread when the red dragon fell. Humans who are infected with this disease either die from chlorination, or become ferocious and attack other humans. The Japanese government feared the further spread of the strange disease, and brought a complete lockdown upon its source, Tokyo – Shinjuku. As a result of this, Shinjuku has been transformed into a district of death, in which Nier wanders with his only relative, Yonah.

When he ran out of food to give to Yonah and was left with no choice, purely by coincidence, he caught wind of the country’s “Salvation Support Plan” that provides food and medical care (a ruse to gather people. It was actually a human experimentation site designed to find the “original Gestalt”, who can keep his own consciousness even after going through the “Gestalt process”. Of course, Nier and Yonah didn’t know that). Along with Yonah, Nier headed towards the facility that provided support as a last resort. However, neither food nor medicine was given out at the facility, but mysterious books (clones of “Grimoire Noir” that forces humans who come in contact with it to become Gestalts), so he became suspicious of the support plan. When the surrounding crowd touched the books, becoming Gestalts and gradually transforming into “relapsed Gestalts”, Nier was sure that they were deceived, and ran away from the facility with Yonah. But they were discovered by a crowd of relapsed Gestalts while trying to hide in an abandoned super market, and the situation turned grim. In order to protect Yonah from the attacking relapsed Gestalts, he was forced into making a great choice…


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