The Future of Smash Brothers

Who would have thought Mega Man would be a newcomer for the latest Smash Brothers? On top of that, the Wii Fitness Trainer is proof that Sakurai picks characters based on something no one would expect!

You can follow the glorious progress of this game at long last here:

Long live the Blue Bomber!


Mega Man movelist for SSB


Tilt UP + A: Uppercut

A: Mega Buster

Tilt Down + A: Slide

Up Smash: Spark Shock

Down Smash: Fire Storm

Down A (air): Hard Knuckle

A (air): Slash Claw

Forward + A (air): Flame Sword

Dash A: Tornado Blow

Grab: Super Arm


Up + B: Rush Coil

Forward B: Metal Blade

B: Crash Bomber

Down B: Leaf Tornado


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