Villager comes to town!

Based on what we’ve seen, I’ll take a stab at Villagers moveset. We haven’t seen nearly as much as Mega Man’s but based on the demo and developer diary, I have a good idea how he will play.
Villager from Animal Crossing Moveset for SSB


Tilt Up + A: Twig

A: Boxing Gloves

Tilt Forward + A: Umbrella

Tilt Down + A: Pull weeds

Up Smash: Fireworks

Down Forward: Bowling Ball

Down Smash: Shovel

Back A (air): Slingshot backwards

Forward + A (air): Slingshot forwards

While running A:  Sapling Trip

Grab: Bug net


Up + B: Balloon

Forward B: Axe

B: Pick-up / Pocket

Down B: Plant tree


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