Andaryu’s Clone Engine Character Speculation


Project M BR has revealed they have a total of 10 additional character slots available that they could add new characters into the game. The first two are Roy and Mewtwo, returning Melee veterans that definitely deserved a spot on the P:M roster. While the remaining 7 slots may not be used, it is very possible at least some of them will be. Here is my take on the characters they could potentially add.

*note: I’m only including who I think will make it based on the guidelines*


1. Must be in Brawl in some form (trophy, sticker, AT, etc.)

2. Must be popular enough to warrant inclusion and have enough value to represent a series

3. Must not interfere with SSB4 (no back porting to effect sales)

With everything set, here is my list! I’ll go ahead and use all 7 slots (these are in order) though I think only about 4-5 of them will be used.

[ 1 ] Ridley

Probably my most suspected character. I believe he has the most chance and fits the criteria.

+ Fits all the criteria so far, very popular and diverse

– Could be in SSB4 which removes his chances

[ 2 ] Shadow The Hedgehog

He may be third party, but Shadow alone deserves a spot as being Sonic’s ultimate rival and could be made into a clone so easily.

+ Unique clone to Sonic, Assist Trophy

– Third party

[ 3 ] Isaac

Very popular choice with no representation so far. His moveset would be completely diverse though that would make him hard to implement.

+ Unique moveset and popular

– Animations all from scratch

[ 4 ] Black Shadow

This one is very variable because it would basically be a Falcon clone (like we need two), but at the same time the F-Zero series needs more reps. Perhaps Samurai Goroh would fit here more but he seems to be too different for a clone engine.

+ New F-Zero rep, villain

– Conflicts with Ganondorf as a Falcon clone

[ 5 ] Dixie

She has a very fair chance. Easy to make and fits the DK universe greatly. Seems more likely than King K. Rool to me because of moveset.

+ Popular choice and fits criteria

– Could be in SSB4

[ 6 ] Waluigi

Definitely controversial. I believe would be a good addition overall but the Mario series probably doesn’t need more rep.

+ Has a strangely large following, Assist Trophy

– Mario already has enough reps, some people don’t want him

[ 7 ] Pichu

While extremely unlikely, I think it still has a decent chance being 1) a Melee veteran and 2) a clone of an existing P:M character.

+ Melee veteran, clone to Pikachu

– Not very popular and already too much Pokemon

Some others I feel like I need to mention that could make it. Would be my next few choices. And those are…

[ x ] Simon Belmont

Although so unlikely, there is a CastleVania stage. Konami is third party but so is Snake and Simon would be a great new addition.

[ x ] Grey Fox

Third party and probably the most unlikely candidate. He was an AT though and has potential.

[ x ] Saki

Very hard to say with this one. Potential? Sure. Series worthy to rep? Not so much.

[ x ] Ray MkIII

Extremely unlikely but could be a great new character for a popular and fairly large franchise. Mostly popular in Japan but that didn’t stop Marth.

[ x ] Lynn

Seems like an excellent choice but who definitely require the most work and ultimately seems like it would be too much.

[ x ] Black Knight

This one actually makes a lot of sense to me, but I’m not sure how keen everyone would be on basically a direct Ike clone.


Am I missing a certain character you feel is a shoe in? Let me know and I’ll add that to my considerations. Either way whatever characters they add will definitely be a game changer and make an already impressive mod become the greatest incarnation of Super Smash Bros we’ve ever seen.


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