My SSB E3 2014 Divination


*UPDATED 6/9/14 before E3*


Trailer will be shown revealing veterans such as Ganondorf, Captain Falcon,  Ness among others. Single player mode revealed for Wii U HD version that utilizes the special move customization feature to make use of the Gamepad which can be transferred to 3DS version. This mode will let you face off against bosses with modified setups.

New stages: Kirby Triple Deluxe 3DS stage, boss shown on Pyrosphere for Wii U

Newcomers revealed, Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles. Animated battle scene against Ike. Other possible reveals at end of trailer: Mii, Pacman

If anything else I would personally love to see Palutena join the fight, whether she will be revealed now or not is the real mystery…

*FINAL REVEAL:* Release date for 3DS version. July 27th (second guess is August 3rd). Wii U version is December 2014.


– Returning veterans (Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Ness, Wario, Meta-Knight, Mr. Game & Watch)

– Customize mode

– New stages and features

– Newcomers – Possible candidates in order: Mii, Pacman, Shulk, Palutena

– Boss Rush mode exclusive for Wii U version

– New items, AT, Pokeball, Final Smash’s

– Character select screen @ Smash Fest

– New costumes shown

– GC controllers and adapters for sale with SSB logo

– Wii U Bundle Featuring 4 GC Controllers & adapter


Highlights:  Customizable Single-player mode exclusive for Wii U version, Veterans revealed, More Wii U stages with bosses shown, stage for 3DS, three to four possible newcomers, more information on the Gamecube adapter for Wii U. Plan to sell new GC controllers with Smash logo brand new in stores. Official release date revealed.

Nintendo’s E3 event this year is on Tuesday, June 10th so we will see the official unveiling there. I personally will attend the Smash Fest event in order to play the E3 demo of the Wii U version. I shall represent the Blue Bomber and my oldest son is going as the Villager. Finally a character select screen! I’ll be the first to try an alt color.


Hidden Message: If any of this comes true and my divination is correct, then let the following come to be. New Earthbound rep and newcomer for the Metroid series.


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