Seven Sword


The original Seven Sword System was designed specifically for the Gundam Exia. Armed with one GN Sword, two GN Blades, two GN Beam Sabers and two GN Beam Daggers, the package was meant bring out the full close combat fighting strength of the Exia. Coupled with the close combat fighting style of its Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei, Exia served its role as the close combat Gundam prior to is disappearance after A.D. 2308. Seeking to do the same with the 00 Gundam, CB engineers incorporated a mix of technologies into the 00 Gundam’s Seven Sword armament. Befitting its name, the 00 Gundam Seven Sword was armed with 7 close combat weapons; the experimental GN Katars, the standarized GN Beam Sabers, the long and short GN Sword IIs, and the large GN Buster Sword.


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