PPGN-001 Gundam Exia Dark Matter

The modified version of the completed form of Gundam Amazing Exia, the Gundam Exia Dark Matter is created for the sole purpose of defeating Aria von Reiji Asuna and Sei Iori. It is used together with a special headgear containing an improved Embody System developed by the Flana Institute. Gundam Exia Dark Matter’s look and weaponry is slightly altered from its predecessor, it is now equipped with the Brinicle Blade and Prominence Blade for close combat, a Dark Matter Rifle for ranged combat, and two GN vulcans which can also emit beam sabers. The suit also has a back-mounted support unit, the Dark Matter Booster which provides it with two Dark Matter Blades and is capable of functioning independently.


Brinicle Blade

A sword with freezing power, it is capable of freezing even the beam blades of the beam sabers. When not in use, it’s stored on the side waist. The sword is a modified version of Amazing Exia’s Amazing GN Blade.

Prominence Blade

A sword with a heat blade, it is also capable of generating flames around the blade. When not in use, it’s stored on the side waist. The blade seems to a modified version of Amazing Exia’s Amazing GN Sword’s.

GN Vulcan

These weapons are smaller versions of GN Beam weaponry and are located on Dark Matter’s wrists. They are mainly used as secondary ranged weapon and as last resort ranged weapons.

GN Beam Saber

The GN Vulcans can also generate beam sabers for close combat. They are used only after the suit has lost all its other melee weapons.

Dark Matter Rifle

An arm-mounted beam rifle that is derived from Amazing Exia’s Amazing GN Sword, it is the suit’s main long-ranged weapon but can also be used for close combat as it contains a beam saber in the shield-like attachment.

GN Beam Saber

A close combat beam weapon, it is generated from an emitter mounted within the shield-like attachment of the Dark Matter Rifle. The Exia Dark Matter can perform Sword-Ki attacks with this beam saber identical to those used by the 侍ノ弐 Sengoku Astray Gundam.

Dark Matter Blade

Two solid blades equipped on the Dark Matter Booster which can be detached and be used as handheld weapons similar to tonfa. When not in use, they may also act as wings.

    Special Equipment and Features


Embody System

An improved version of the Embody System used in Aila’s control suit, it is mounted in a special headgear. In addition, unlike the one used by Aila, this version can resonate with the giant Arista crystal used by PPSE and with Chairman Mashita’s Arista, allowing the Chairman to force his will onto the Meijin. This causes the Meijin to fight for victory and nothing else.

Dark Matter Booster

A support unit mounted to the back of the Dark Matter, it is a modified version of the Amazing Exia’s Trans-Am Booster. It boosts the suit’s speed and mobility when docked and provides it with additional weapons in the form of two Dark Matter Blades. It can detach from the suit and function independently. In this form, it has an appearance similar to that of a bird and can be used for reconnaissance, support attacks, etc. The Dark Matter Booster’s GN Drive can dock with the main suit if it remains undamaged after the booster has been destroyed.

GN Beam Cannon

Mounted in the forehead of the bird-like head of the Dark Matter Booster, it is usable only when the Dark Matter Booster is detached from the suit. It is capable of firing powerful beams with little cool down time.


Trans-Am System


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